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Signature surveillance have been leading the sector of surveillance, security systems and robotization since 2017, we bringing in world- class security systems to our motherland. We as a platoon propel towards furnishing a world- class electronic security system that suits your requirements. The main focus is to give innovative automated systems to bulk up your security. Our services are available across Coimbatore, Tiruppur, Palani and Dharapuram.


CCTV Installation

Surveillance is the vigilant eye that safeguards spaces, using technology to monitor and protect against potential threats

Gate Automation

Automation is the art of streamlining tasks, empowering efficiency by orchestrating processes without constant human intervention.

Intercom System

Communication is the invisible bridge connecting voices across vast distances, weaving a tapestry of global communication.

Computer Networking

Computer networking is the backbone of our digital world, enabling devices to communicate and share information seamlessly.


Hikvision Ip Dome

"CCTV is the electronic guardian that transforms spaces into vigilant watchposts, capturing and monitoring visual data for enhanced security.


Biometrics is the key to identity encoded in the unique traits of individuals, transforming fingerprints, retinas, or faces into secure access.

EPABX intercom

Intercoms are the spoken bridges connecting spaces, offering instant communication and fostering seamless connectivity.

Burglar Alarm

Burglar alarms stand guard in silence,They are the sentinels of security, ready to sound the alarm against unauthorized intrusion.

gate motors

Elevating security with effortless access control, turning entrances into smart gateways. Seamlessly blending convenience and protection for a modern and secure

GPS Tracker

GPS tracker is a technological navigator,Seamlessly connecting with satellites, it transforms location into invaluable information, empowering real-time insights.

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cctv camera installation in coimbatore

Signature Surveillance is trusted CCTV camera dealers in Coimbatore offers customized videotape surveillance system to match your conditions. We enables you to cover your business live from anywhere and store data with the help of CCTV cameras using network drives. cover your valuables, workers and your entire association with rearmost videotape Surveillance results. We offers the most advanced and sought after brands- Dahua Technology, HikVision, CP Plus and numerous further handed as per the conditions of the customer. We’ve experts in the field who’ll study your conditions, conduct point check and give you the stylish recommendations that suit your requirements and budget. hand Surveillance, with its rich 7 years experience in this sphere is the most secure mate for your safety offering the most comprehensive CCTV camera installations in Coimbatore.

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